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Silentale helps data-intensive industries make profitable decisions.

Data-Driven Solutions for Retail

The customer journey has been continuously evolving throughout the years. Every day, customers engage in more ways with your stores and campaigns, online and offline. Multi-channel purchases have become the norm and customers have more complex needs than ever before, which is why retaining their attention and responding accordingly is key. Capturing each customer interaction with your business while segmenting and continuously analyzing the data is essential to empowering your programs while giving you the means to stay competitive.

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Data-Driven Solutions for Telco

Telecommunications companies have increasingly added new activities and business units to their original offering; complementing triple-plays and quadruple-plays with retail stores, media and publishing houses. Offerings have become increasingly more complex, making the management of customers and their data across services more critical than ever. Following your subscribers from one device or service to another, redefining the customer journey as a whole and leveraging the behavior data available is central to your ability to better respond to your subscribers’ needs, even before they express them.

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Data-Driven Solutions for Media

With the advent of social, streaming, web and mobile content consumption, audience fragmentation has increased drastically. This makes your consumers more complex to identify and your content harder to reconcile. The relationship between your content production and its consumption has always been the premise for your ROI. Discovering individuals behind your audience, listening to their taste, reading, watching and sharing habits has become paramount. The data available from your consumers’ journey is a vital part of any program’s efficiency be it content targeting, content performance, subscription mix and advertising.

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