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    Deliver the right message

    to the right person with

    Silentale Cloud
    Simple customer data platform to enable
    existing marketing tools with behavior-based
    customer segmentation, scoring and predictive analytics.

Data Marketing Made Simple

Deliver the right message to the right person

  • Behavior-based Customer Segments

    Go beyond socio-demographics and profile attributes to recognize and analyse your customers. Use rich segmentation based on hundreds of identifiable interactions your customers have with your brand, product and content.

  • Behavior-based Customer Scoring

    Classify your customers using Silentale’s customer scoring studio. Simple yet efficient way to design, test and run scoring models. Combine profile attributes and an ever increasing list of behavioral signals to identify actionable customers.

  • Predictive Customer Classification

    Create classification of your customers using Silentale’s built-in predictive algorithms. Use existing customers' interactions to predict new customers' attributes and behaviors.

  • Predictive Content Tagging

    Transform your content into a rich source of behaviors thanks to predictive content tagging. Define tags to be recognized. Each piece of content is then analysed and tagged accordingly allowing it to be used for segmentation, scoring and classification.

Beyond the Profile

  • Identity Linking

    Bridge your customer profiles across channels to unlock their customer journey. Discover your known and anonymous customers alike, in all the depth they deserve. Identify the customer IDs you want tracked and add fuzzy matching based on properties such as name, age, and location.

  • Profile Enrichment

    Easily augment your customer profiles with additional data sources, be it owned data from your legacy systems or from 3rd party providers such as FullContact and others.

  • Unified Repository

    Enable your engagement programs by connecting to Silentale's unified customer data repository for profile, purchase, digital, and social data with your choice of point-solutions and marketing tools.

  • Social Ready

    Connected out of the box with Facebook and Twitter. Enrich your existing customer repository with the depth of interest and behavior information only social can bring.

When and Where you Need it

  • Multi-Channel Ready

    Cross-channel has led to a multitude of disconnected customer journeys. Silentale Cloud helps reconcile the important interactions your customers undertake, online and offline.

  • Integrate With your IT

    Silentale Cloud easily connects to your internal and external marketing tools and data sources, allowing you to quickly focus on making the optimum use of your profile, purchase and behavior data.

  • Good Privary Practices

    We understand how important the security of your data and how the privacy of your customers are. We collaborate with you to devise and establish the necessary privacy policies.

  • Regional Cloud

    Respect your country’s regulatory compliance laws about data processing of customer identifiable information. You have the choice of provisioning your account in one of 3 regions: United-States, Canada and Europe.

Data Marketing


Discover Silentale Cloud in details: The perfect solution to improve your customer intelligence, personalization by simply enabling your existing marketing tools with behavior-based customer segmentation, scoring and predictive analytics.

Telco Holy Grail

The Telco Holy Grail

In fact, by crossing Internet, phone, mobile and TV data, companies take advantage of the richest and most precise customer journey available.

Twitter Inference

Twitter Inference

Create long-term competitive advantage by speaking to the heart of the customer’s intentions. Twitter is a fountain of information about your followers, people who talk about your company and your competitors.

Silentale empowered our management and operational teams. We now know how our multi-channel efforts are performing; enabling our tactical teams to leverage the 25 different sources of audience, customer and behaviour data on an as needed basis throughout our marketing programs. -- Eric Brion, CEO Equidia